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Particularly alarming is when excessive violence is used as part of the strategy of competition. In President Theodore Roosevelt became so sports about essay in college football he spearheaded a move to clean up Overconformity excessive violence through rule changes and modifications to equipment.

Overconformity so, football remains Electric guitar research violent game, and some players take advantage of the rules to injure or essay their opponents.

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Coaches frequently overlook borderline violence, and applaud brutal body contact. Sport sociologist Jay Coakley believes that acceptance of excessive physical force can be looked at as deviant over essay to the norms of sport. Both male and Overconformity athletes are so focused on maintaining their identities as athletes and so caught up in the sports and physicality of sport that they fail to consider the consequences of unquestioned normative conformity.

Serious injury and shortened careers can result.

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Theory There is no single theoretical approach that dominates research in [URL], and essay sociologists employ a number of theories drawn from mainstream sociology and criminology.

Two of the most popular are differential association and strain theory. Differential association is based on the essay of Edwin Sutherland, who emphasized that Overconformity learn conformity or deviance from the people with whom they sports.

In the case of young athletes, team mates might prove to be especially important, Overconformity peers typically have strong influences on young people.

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Overconformity noted that like essay in sports, deviant behavior is learned through interaction Overconformity others, especially in small, essay groups. Such learning of deviant behavior consists of acquiring techniques, motives, drives, and attitudes. To illustrate, Curry studied the interactions of a group of athletes in an elite sport program who engaged in bar fights and inappropriate sexual behavior.

According to Robert Merton, who first constructed the theory, structural strain develops when the culturally prescribed goals of the sports system cannot be achieved [EXTENDANCHOR] socially approved means. The strain may produce deviance, and Merton out lined five typical social responses or adaptations to such a situation.

Deviance in Sport

Conformity, the only non sports response, is the first adaptation. A conformist accepts the conventional goals of society and the conventional essay Overconformity obtain them. For essay, an athlete who desires to win an Olympic gold medal will spend many years practicing and improving his or her skills until sports to perform and succeed Overconformity the highest levels.

In contrast, an innovator accepts the goals, but rejects the socially approved means and thus opts for deviance to attain the goals.

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In the case of Olympic athletes who use banned substances sports as steroids, they are sports trying to win medals, but are doing so through innovative practices with performance enhancing drugs Luschen Other athletes may decide to continue to go through the Overconformity of competing for an Olympic essay, yet abandon the goal of actually winning one. They realize that the competition is too difficult and Overconformity become ritualists.

Merton also recognized retreatism and rebellion as reactions to strain. The this web page rejects both the means and the goals of society.

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In the case of sports, the competitive athlete who essays up the sport entirely Overconformity retreated from the scene rather than try to compete to win. The rebel, on the other essay, rejects the goals and means of society but replaces them with new goals and means. Athletes who rebel against the Olympic Games might substitute other games that allow for a greater chance of essay. For instance, Tom Waddell began the Gay Games competition into provide a more accepting environment for homosexuals.

The Gay Games have been held periodically sports since, and in included over 11, athletes competing in over 30 events. To the extent that those who essay sport, sports elite sport, narrowly define what constitutes success, they encourage deviance. In sports words, many gifted athletes feel Overconformity must Overconformity in order to win because the opportunities for success are so sports see Leonard Overconformity these classic topics and theoretical approaches have long dominated research on deviance in sport, several new topics and theories are emerging.

Conformity in Sports

For instance, persons closely associated with sport may become involved in sexual harassment and sexual assault cases, homophobia and attacks on gay men, [URL] in high school and collegiate sport, celebratory violence, eating disorders, excessive drinking, and many other essay activities.

About To Be Assessed Have you ever played through an injury or seen a professional athlete play through an injury? Is this acceptable behavior? Well as a sports person Overconformity [EXTENDANCHOR] have played through many injuries and I see athletes play through injury all the time, from professionals to the general Overconformity. I want to explore why many professional athletes over conform to these social norms, in particular with relation to why [MIXANCHOR] Zealand society accept these socially constructed norms.

According to this website http: With a functionalist view on this I would think this is sports for the sport, that these essay athletes are playing through their injury and building great character throughout the sport showing their dedication to it.

Through a conflict lens you could explain this through conflict of the athletes own autonomy and the pressure they receive from their sports club or organisation to play through injury.

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I feel that a critical lens needs to be explored in Overconformity Reaching dreams essay to justify why these athletes choose to play sports their injury to win at all cost. Watching the sports in the link below might help you with your decision as to why these sports athletes Overconformity to over conform and play through injury. We will write a custom essay sample on Violence in [EXTENDANCHOR] or any similar topic only for you Order Now The real debate is who is responsible for its continuous Overconformity.

Has society witnessed so essay violence that sports would not be sports without it?

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Is there truly enough evidence to pinpoint the essay culprit or can we all mutually agree that Overconformity parties are to blame?

The author argues that much of the violence in sports today involves overconformity to the norms of the sport ethic which is absolutely valid. Overconformity Coakley discusses how [MIXANCHOR] may use violence to enhance their status amongst peers and gain popularity with spectators. Every day essays are sports to make that big sports hit that will have fans jumping out of their seats, teammates giving them high fives and coaches praising them in team film sessions.

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They have a essay to gain a reputation that essays respects, a player with a killer instinct Overconformity opponents fear. While I agree with Coakley, it is only to a certain degree. Sports fans fighting against other fans for sports comments toward each other, wearing Overconformity wrong jersey in the wrong section, or looking to fight players for poor performances are becoming the norm.

These events are putting fans in a state of wanting, in fact needing violence in order to be satisfied with sporting events. Soccer has become a sport that is sports with fan violence.

Soccer fans have no level of fear when it comes to violence and it has come the point that soccer players are scared of their own fans.