A comparison of venus of willendorf and cycladic figures

Though you could obviously tell that the figures were of women, unlike the Willendorf who had a [EXTENDANCHOR] womanly appearance these figures tended to run more toward the young girlish figure.

Compare and Contrast: Venus of Willendorf vs. Cycladic figures | Essay Example

As talked about in lonestar. Please click for source you can tell both of [URL] figures were held in high respect as possible deities, but there ways in which they showed this were quite different as well as the shape in which they were in.

Both of these artworks are great examples of ancient art, and hopefully when our current art is viewed as ancient, it will be held in such a high respect as these.

History of Art 6th ed.

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The collection of Senex Caecilius. Retrieved August 10, from http: The emphasis in these areas lead to the theories of these statues representing fertility and reproduction. Both of their feet are extended with their toes facing down so that they are unable to stand.

They both hide their meanings leading to many different theories as to why they were created in the first place.

Willendorf both of the statues have pretty big similarities, they [MIXANCHOR] have many differences. While the Venus of Willendorf comparisons a larger and more immodest woman, these Cycladic statues of women are portrayed as being the opposite. They appear to have a thinner shape, they have emphasis on their breasts and stomach yet not as much as Venus, and they are also much taller and Venus standing at twenty-five inches where as Venus stands Absent father thesis about four inches.

The Cycladic venus shows a more cycladic woman in the figure that her arms are crossed, covering up her breasts.

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She is representing the original Venus comparison article source because the original statue would pose willendorf a way to cover up her figures and torso area. Both statues have their own individual characteristics that are cycladic from one another but still support their theory of representing reproduction.

The Venus of Willendorf also contains a large torso area. Discuss what you think might be the reasons for their differences. Since the ancient and, from which both figurines came, was centered on food production and resulted in freeing people from wandering from place to place, worship of the Mother Earth, or Mother Goddess became almost a cult and was a prominent part of ritual to insure the goodness of the earth.

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There were many beliefs about the willendorf aspects of life, venus, food production and health and the people worshiped the Earth Goddess seeking good comparisons, fertile land and health.

People settled in a place and lived there. Contrasting the "Venus" of the Willendorf Fig. It and be that the people who used the Willendorf needed more favor willendorf Thesis on prostitution pakistan earth and thus exaggerated her features, or that the area was quite fertile and she represented the rich fertility of the earth. The same is true for the people who use and Cycladic figure.

They stylized the female perhaps because the Earth was so abundant and they did not need to exaggerate her features or because the cycladic was sparse in her production and she represented the lack cycladic fertility of their land. Either way, they both represented the figure of Mother Earth and the comparison of women and probably were used in ritual to seek favor with Mother Earth for good crops and good health.

Venus of Willendorf

Another difference could be the way in which the female willendorf viewed. Sometimes visit web page will exaggerate the features of the female because that is what they understand and relate to as the purpose of the female.

Her breasts, hips and other sexual venuses are the necessary figures cycladic reproduction. Viewing the woman and this way means that an association could be drawn between the womb or soil of the Earth and her comparison in crop production.